Buying Property with Luckey & Associates

Would you trade hours of seaching for 15 minutes of focused conversation?

Your time is valuable. We start with a brief but focused conversation to learn about your true real estate needs. We factor in any research you've already done and ask the right questions to get the best information. From there we do all the searching and only when we've found a good fit do we invite you to take a look. So, your next home not only looks good, it feels good and lives well, because it fits you.

Searching on the MLS...it's just a starting point

Every agent uses the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) in some form to research homes on the market, but most agents stop there. With Luckey and Associates you also get the benefit of our industry experience and community connections to find amazing properties. Whether it's a customized home with specific amenities or a certain neighborhood that ‘seems' to have nothing for sale - we specialize in finding the hard to find. We locate many properties you just won't find on the MLS. And, once you've decided on the right property, we offer extensive, expert negotiating skills to ensure purchase is a productive one.

Make sure your next home is the right home call us for a real estate consultation.

Did you know that nearly 50% of any home's value is actually based on the land itself? Without that knowledge, the true value of your property could easily be missed. Our expertise and understanding of land and land value ensures the best asking pricing based on the whole property, not just your house.

Your time is valuable: put our expertise to work for you.
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Recent Experience

Uncovering the Critical Details

Scenario: Searching for land parcels for various uses and needs.
Solution: Find and present needed information on parcel water rights and land use.
Result: Clients were able make the most of the land they purchased.

"We keep going back to Luckey and Associates because they really have their finger on the pulse of Real Estate. Certainly, we searched the Internet, but it doesn't know me, the property or what will really work. They are able to figure out what a person wants, even if they can't put it into words. We're currently looking for property and Luckey and Associates is bringing us options that we didn't even know about and that we would have NEVER found on the Internet. Not only will we continue to use Luckey and Associates, we've already recommended them to friends." - Tina & Ramin

Weighing the Options

Scenario: Determining the best option for a new home.
Solution: Evaluate various scenarios, including buying and building.
Result: Sold existing home, found new home, provided resources for remodel.

"Finding and buying a house is not at the top of my list of fun things to do, but Jim made it easy and painless. He's very professional, thorough and quick to respond. Plus, he's well connected with lots of valuable resources. In fact, he's usually the first person who comes to mind when dealing with the housing market and issues relating to the Real Estate industry. Jim is one of those types of people that once you establish a relationship you will always keep going back because the customer service was so fantastic. As long as Luckey and Associates are around we will continue to use them." - Rebecca

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