Testimonials from Past Clients

What do you expect from your real estate agent?

Experience that Yields Results

Scenario: Needed to sell previously purchased property.
Solution: Advise on preparing lot for sale; oversee needed steps .
Result: Lot sold and went on to assess out-of-state property for client.

"Luckey and Associates was just great. They were very attentive and consulted with us on a regular basis, making sure we knew what we needed to do to make property attractive. I really appreciated his willingness to be involved in every step of the transaction. If we needed them at the property to deal with anyone, they were always available...ready to put on their boots and old clothes and go to work. They were almost like kin and even checked out some property for us in California. Luckey & amp;Associates goes the extra mile. They don't try to sell you something you don't need...they understand what you want and works to make it happen. Luckey and Associates is absolutely my first choice for my Real Estate needs." - Stan & Carole

Flexibility & Efficiency

Scenario: Finding property for out of state client with limited time to view sites.
Solution: Discover client's real needs in order to show only appropriate.
Result: Found ideal property and connected clients with trusted resources for build.

"Living out of state, we had very limited opportunities to view properties. Luckey & Associates took time to get to know us, understand what we needed and why in order to better identify potential properties for us. Also, as first-time raw-land buyers we required a lot of advise and input from them during the feasibility stage. They answered all our detailed questions, followed up with additional resources, spent time educating us on the process of property purchases and connected us with other experts all to make sure we were comfortable with our investment. Through it all there was never pressure to make decisions or move faster…we always felt like a priority customer." - Roslyn & Bobby

Problem Solving

Scenario: Determining the best option for a new home.
Solution: Evaluate various scenarios, including buying and building.
Result: Sold existing home, found new home, provided resources for remodel.

"Finding and buying a house is not at the top of my list of fun things to do, but Luckey & Associates made it easy and painless. They are very professional, thorough and quick to respond. Plus, they are well connected with lots of valuable resources. In fact, Luckey & Associates is usually the first people who come to mind when dealing with the housing market and issues relating to the Real Estate industry. They are the type of people that once you establish a relationship you will always keep going back because the customer service was so fantastic. As long as Luckey and Associates are around we will continue to use them.." - Rebecca

Expertise At Work

Scenario: Selling a house during a tight market.
Solution: Develop up to date and in-depth market evaluation before setting asking price.
Result: Sold the house at the asking price.

"Painless...that's the one word we would use to describe selling our home with Luckey & Associates. We sold our home during a tough market and they still managed to get a great price for our home. Plus, Luckey & Associates is so easy to work with. We would certainly recommend them to our friends." - Craig & Dawn

Planning for Today and Tomorrow

Scenario: Having a variety of Real Estate needs
Solution: Ensure an understanding of the client's short & long term needs and explaining the potential impact on their situation.
Result: Developed an on-going, trusting relationship.

"Working with Luckey & Associates, we've got someone who's always one step ahead in the process, clearing any obstacles or challenges that might occur. Whether we're buying or selling (they've helped us with our home, a condo and land) Luckey & Associates' professionalism and experience have been a great value to us. They are absolutely our first choice whenever we have Real Estate needs." - Tom & Kristen

In-depth Research

Scenario: Searching for land parcels for various uses and needs.
Solution: Find and present needed information on parcel water rights and land use.
Result: Clients were able make the most of the land they purchased.

"We keep going back to Luckey & Associates because Jim really has his finger on the pulse of Real Estate. Certainly, we searched the Internet, but it doesn't know me, the property or what will really work. They are able to figure out what a person wants, even if they can't put it into words. We're currently looking for property and Luckey & Associates is bringing us options that we didn't even know about and that we would have NEVER found on the Internet. Not only will we continue to use Luckey & Associates, we've already recommended them to friends." - Tina & Ramin

Trusted Resource

Scenario: Needed to sell home during difficult, emotional time.
Solution: Handle all details and make sure client understood each step in the process.
Result: Client felt comfortable & reassured during the entire process – the house sold.

"I had to sell my home after my husband passed away. I had never done anything like this before. So, I really needed someone I could count on…someone who had the answers and could walk me through the entire process…that's what Luckey & Associates did for me and I'm very grateful. No matter how many questions I had or whenever I got nervous, they were there. They didn't just sell my home, they understood the circumstances of my situation and made sure I felt comfortable with everything. I knew I could trust Luckey & Associates and that meant everything to me." - Karen

Diligence That Pays Off

Scenario: Selling a unique 3-story Juanita home built into the side of a hill
Solution: Focus on highlighting the home's features through careful staging and quality marketing collateral.
Result: Set the asking price higher than anticipated and sold it for that price.

"We've worked with other Realtors in the past and felt we weren't getting our money's worth. So, what we appreciated most with the Luckey & Associates team was they were on top of every detail. They always kept in touch and reassured us during a stressful time with their extensive knowledge of the market situation. We knew they had our best interests in mind. Luckey and Associates was proactive and went the extra mile in selling our Kirkland home. Without a doubt, Luckey & Associates will be our first choice whenever we have Real Estate needs." - Julie & Marcus