When it comes to real estate, your situation is not like anyone else’s. So why would someone else’s solution work for you?

You need answers that meet your specific needs today…and tomorrow. For three generations, Luckey and Associates has been working with buyers and property owners to develop real estate solutions that most others had never considered. Over the years we’ve developed a system that truly works to get the unique results our clients are looking for. That means we don’t try to fit your complex circumstances into a one-size-fits-all approach.

Most agents tell you how.
We ask why.

Agents commonly come to the table with an answer of “how” they’re going to help you complete your real estate transaction. Instead of a pre-determined answer Luckey and Associates starts with a question...why.

• First, we actually like to meet our clients face-to-face. Then, we start a conversation where we do most of the listening. Our goal is to truly understand the reasons behind your need and to comprehend your big picture.

• From there we can develop a plan of action that offers the best case scenario. It’s a plan that factors in some important questions. Should you buy or sell now or wait? Do you need to find the perfect home or build one that truly fits your lifestyle? What are the tax ramifications of your plans?

• Luckey and Associates appreciates that the answers are not often simple. That’s why we use our expertise to find the answers and match your objectives to the right solution…not our only solution. If you’re ready for personal, customized real estate solutions, call us for an in-person consultation.